03 March 2011

Thursday Dedication Numero Uno

I am participating in blog dedication event, so I figured there is no better way to start out than with a blog I love to read. Sugary Cynicism is a smart-assed bucket of awesome! If you like film reviews done right, without all that babbling professionals do in an attempt to justify getting paid to watch movies, you need to head on over to Sugary’s blog. Together with her recently added “boydude” aka, Clevereuphemism, they’ll set you right on how to blow your $12 movie budget! Run, don’t walk.

And here is a little inside tip to make you feel special. If you mention how much you love Sean Connery a lot; it’ll get you unearned VIP privileges, or what I like to call The Kardashian Treatment.


  1. Very funny! Good thing you chose this blog, now I'm able to read some sugary cynicism once in a while..;)

  2. Jorie,

    It rocks as nothing has ever rocked before...:)

  3. kardashian treatment ? i think that talent less tv performers deserve a treatment of their own .. i do share your joy of sugary cynicism - tis great

  4. Paul,

    Nice over view on Sugary Cynicism. I love the simplicity of her movie reviews and her cartoon illustrations are great. Nice dedication:)
    Finding One's Way Thursday Dedication ~ Rhyme Me a Smile

  5. Paul, thank you so much :D I feels the love. You can be bumped up to a blog backstage pass now ;)

  6. Tbaoo, the treatment I think talent challenged TV actors should receive is not printable...:)

    Jessica, "simple and great," two words that sum up the Sugary Cynic experience...:)

    Sugary, WHOO HOO! I'm well on my way to "groupie" status!