23 August 2010

School is back in session.

Fall, 2010 term is off and running here at WSUV. This is sort of my "Super Senior" or "Victory Lap" term. I passed on graduating last Spring in order to polish off a few post grad requirements at undergrad tuition rates...I will be starting my Masters (Education) program in the Spring or Summer, depending on the program I select. (Currently weighing WSUV against Lewis & Clark University).

Issues I will be commenting on here in the near future: The ongoing Islamaphobic convulsion which is gripping America, immigration issues, Starbucks (Not everything has to be so heavy), credit/finances, New Urbanism/quality of life, and any other targets of opportunity that present themselves.

If YOU have a topic or question you want to discuss, e-mail me at pfield@wsu.edu. I'm always looking for new themes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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